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Customize Your Face!

MirrorTake drawing in the car to the next level with an inexpensive mirror and a handful of dry erase markers.

During that long trip, pass out the mirror and markers to your children. They are likely to spend the next hundred miles or so drawing mustaches, horns, freckles and more on their face through the mirror.

The instructions are easy:

1. Look directly in the mirror
2. Take a dry erase marker and start to draw facial features on the mirror to enhance your face
3. Pass the mirror around so that everyone can get a good laugh at your new creation on their own faces

It may be handy to include an old washcloth or even a handful of paper towels to clean the mirror off between each use.

One Response to “Customize Your Face!”

  1. Anika says:

    I think this is a great idea that I will be sure to try out soon-I have just the right supplies!

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