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Draw and Fold over

I have fond memories of this activity as a kid. We would often do it at church or on road trips in the car. Now all of our RadRoadTrip readers can have the fun of recreating this activity for your own kids.

Foldover Activity

Our downloadable worksheet has a box with four sections. Each section of the box will be space for part of a body to be drawn by the participants. The first person will draw a head and shoulders in the top box. Then fold your drawing backward along the “Fold Here” line so that it is not seen by anyone else. Pass the paper to the next person who will draw the chest and upper arms. Fold that section over and pass the paper to the next person who will then draw the waist, hands, and upper legs. Fold that section over and hand to the last person who will draw the lower legs and feet. Unfold the paper and check out your creation. It is helpful to put notch lines on the top of each following section so that the person knows where to connect their body parts to yours.

Download the Foldover worksheet

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