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Magnetic Word Activities

word_magnetsPass the hours away on the long drive with some great brain stimulating activities that will have your kids becoming masters of their native tongue. All you need are a set of word magnets and either a small magnetic whiteboard, or even a small cookie sheet.

There are a number of activities that passengers of most ages can participate in during the drive. Here are a few suggestions from us:

Word Snakes – best for pre-readers or beginning readers
Have the child mix up all of the word magnets on their board. Have them randomly choose a few and line them up at the top of their magnetic board. They can then hand you the board to read out load. You are bound to get a laugh out of random word sentences generated by the youngster.
Dictionary or Reading Skill Activities – best for early readers – or possibly pre-readers
Have the young child do a variety of activities such as: 1) picking out words that start or end with the same phonetic sound (eg. Giraffe & Jerry); 2) selecting words that start or end with the same alphabetic letter (eg. Apple & About); 3) selecting words that have x number of vowels (eg. two vowels: horse, tool, quart); 4) arranging groups of words in alphabetic order.

Hide & Seek – early or mid-level readers
Choose random words and have the passenger look through their jumbled up magnets to find the word. You will need to choose words that their magnetic word kit should include. You can also make a game out of this activity to see how can find the word the fastest.

Magnetic Poetry – best for mid- to upper-level readers
Have the passengers take all of their magnetic words to arrange a subset of them into a unique poem. This is bound to generate some laughs when they get to recite their newly generated poems to the rest of the travelers in the vehicle.

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