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Online Message Grid Puzzle Creator

Make your own word puzzles for kids - Message Grids

The Message Grid Puzzle is our latest big family travel tip!

We only discovered these types of puzzles for kids a few months ago, but already the younger children have loved doing these more simple puzzles. We call these puzzles, our Message Grid Puzzles. You can quickly and easily generate a puzzle for your kids and print them off for your next family road trip.

This is how they work. You type in a short message (if your message is too long it will flow off of the page when printed). Once your message is typed in, you click the “Generate” button. This will create a grid with each row in the grid labeled with a letter of the alphabet. Throughout the grid there will be an X in various cells. Also, at the bottom of the grid there will be blank spaces that show the number of letters in each word.

Once you have printed your free word puzzle, your child will start at the left column. They will go from the top to the bottom of that column. When they encounter a cell with an X in it, they will look at the left end of the grid to see what letter that X belongs to. They then write that letter in the first available blank message space at the bottom of the puzzle. The once a column has been completed, they move right one more column and repeat.

Once they have discovered the letters for each X position, they will have revealed your message.

Click the button below to launch your own Message Grid generator utility.

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