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Summer Travel Passport for Kids

Your kids have worked hard getting up early to catch their bus, or walk the sidewalk trail to that big brick school building for the past nine months. They have sat through lecture after lecture and brought home mountains of homework and projects. Now that the sun is shining brighter in the evenings and the temperatures are rising, school is ready to let out for the summer, and your kids are ready to take advantage of it!

No doubt you and your family have already started to plan out some of the amazing road trips that you will embark upon this summer. While a family vacation can be extremely fun and bring the family together, it is important to consider the portion of your road trip or vacation that takes place in the car.

In order to help families prepare for their next road trip, has created an activity book especially for kids. This book was designed to keep kids entertained and engaged in your road trip while they are in the car. Not only will they be busy solving puzzles, but they will also engage the entire family in games, questions, get to know you activities, etc.

Don’t let the drive to your vacation fall out of your radar this summer. Make the road trip an important part of your family memories.

Feel free to download the PDF version of our activity book and print it out for your children. If your printer supports booklet printing, it can make a handy little 5.5 x 8.5″ booklet. Whether or not your printer can support that type of printing, you can also print out an 8.5 x 11″ version of the booklet with the same PDF file.

All you have to do is print out the book and staple it together. Make sure the kids bring a few pencils and maybe some crayons or colored pencils. Print out a copy of the book for yourself also as you may be engaged with the children as they work through their booklet.

The booklet does contain a page of coupons that you can use if you choose. Simply fill in the reward that your child can earn without coupon. It can be as simple as earning a snack, a treat, a happy meal at your local McDonald’s, or even another activity book that you may have purchased for extended vacations.

Remember, a family road trip is a great tool to build memories that will last with your children their entire lives. Not only will they look upon your trip with fond memories, but it can build the relationships between you and the children today.

Summer 2011 Trip Activity Passport

23 Responses to “Summer Travel Passport for Kids”


    road trips are amazing. i want to go on one right now

  2. Rebecca says:

    Tried to open, but both my Adobe programs said the file was damaged and could not be opened.

  3. Jenay hale says:

    This is not really for younger kids do you have some Ideas for 6-8 yrs old? We are going on our 1st family road trip and need some Ideas to keep them busy!

  4. Angela says:

    It say that there was a error opening the document. The file is damagedand could not be reparied. I thought I would let you know.


  5. Meagan says:

    I downloaded the file, but was not able to open it. HElp!

  6. Windows computers were having problems downloading it for some reason. We have changed the downloader mechanism and it should be working now. Thanks for letting us know!

  7. Thanks for the heads up. Can you test this again. I believe it should work now.

  8. Zekesmom10 says:

    I’ve been seeing little clipboard sets with downloadable pages (for a fee) all over the last few months. I thought, “why in the world would I pay for that when I can just put free activity sheets on a clipboard?” I’ve been doing just that! These will be a great addition.

  9. @Jenay,

    We try to design the books so that there are at least some activities for most ages. You may want to consider the following pages in the book:
    7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 19, 20, 21, 23a, 24, 25, 26

    There is a big difference between 6 and 8 years, so even some of those activities will not be appropriate.

    Our family has six kids ranging from 2 – 12, so I try to make the books diverse.

    I LOVE the idea of developing a book for younger kids though. I’ll put that on our list of next projects. Hopefully we have something new with your suggestion during the summer sometime.

    Until then, here are some pages on the website that may assist you in creating a travel packet for your younger kids:




    I hope this helps!

  10. Nick Ward says:

    Looks like the downloads are working now. Thanks for fixing it!!

  11. @Nick…glad it is working for you!

  12. Julie Griffin says:

    Love this! Thanks so much. Several pages printed with solid black blocks – 7, 11, 17, 21, 23, 25. The text would be visible but not the puzzles. For instance, the Bingo grids were solid. I was printing it in full color. Would grayscale work? I hated to just try it, b/c we have a printer with outrageous ink. Thanks again for doing this.

  13. @Julie Griffin – I’ve printed it in grayscale without any issues. Maybe just print one of the trouble pages using the grayscale setting on your printer to make sure?

    Seems to work ok for me.

  14. Julie Griffin says:

    I did try. It didn’t help. It is the weirdest thing, because puzzles and grids with lots of white are printing solid. Thanks for checking though. We’ll the ones that worked for us. 🙂

  15. Nancy L. says:

    Thanks so much!! This looks like the perfect busy-work for my two (7 & 4) for this summer’s trips. Can’t wait to hit the road & try it.

  16. Susan says:

    I’m trying to save to a flash drive because I don’t have internet access at home and don’t want to spend $0.10 per page for b&w prints at the library. I’m getting “This file cannot be found” messages in either Explorer or Firefox. Help, please! (By the way, thanks for the links for younger children.)

  17. @Susan, When you need to save the PDF, open it from the web page. This will open up the book in Adobe Acrobat Reader inside of your browser. You should then just click the button near the top that looks like a Disk. This is the save button. That should open a save window where you can select where to save it to. I have verified this and it works on my computers. I hope you are able to figure it out! If not, maybe ask a librarian for assistance, there may be special things that the Library that you have to do in order to save files. Good luck!

  18. Kelly says:

    Page 26 needs fixed. The word search has the same words as the other word search for baseball terms.

  19. Kelly says:

    Page 26 needs fixed….it should have the word find for letters g-z, but it has the same list of words for a-f, but the word search is different. Thanks so much.

  20. I’m hoping to get this fixed today. Thanks for the feedback! My kids also notified me of that error on our last road trip last week. I have been meaning to get back to the file to change it. 🙂

  21. I have updated the activity book and the second word search should be fixed as well as an error in the Logic Puzzle.

  22. Sammie says:

    Receiving the following message when I try to download: “Sorry, the page your requested could not be found, or no longer exists.”

  23. We had an issue with a recent upgrade to the website. This should now be resolved. Happy downloading!

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